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Are you measuring the viral coefficient for your app?

How many users that download your app are still using it 30+ days later?

Are you ranking your app’s acquisition sources by #downloads, or by revenue?

Do you know your app’s golden path?

What are your best customer acquisition sources?

Do you know your highest exit page?

Do you use retargeting for either customer acquisition or engagement?

Ready to submerge into the world of innovative technology to become a catalyst?

Charged to ignite a radically positive change in yourself and others with artificial intelligence?

Are you a calculated risk taker willing to embark on a radical journey?

Are you a fearless, pragmatic idealist who is ready to launch into the world of technology?


R+W is a global agency & startup incubator based in Hong Kong, Taipei, New York and Washington DC.
We are digital innovators designing for growth and virality. We create mobile, web and VR apps, video games, IoT hardware, and cloud services for startups, technology, financial, medical, entertainment, and consumer companies from all parts of the world.


  • marketing automation and analytics
  • machine learning and AI design and development
  • scientific computing R&D
  • operational security consulting, investment and M&A technical diligence consulting
  • software business strategy consulting


Unlock Your Ideas

We have sat across from entrepreneurs, moms, physicians, companies and scientists with raw and loosely structured ideas. We have come alongside to be a sounding board as well as to help them understand how to realize their ideas.

Bring your ideas to the table and let us brainstorm, hash out ideas, dream together … and have a strategy to grow. We bring our industry expertise and innovation to infuse more magic to your ideas.



Unstoppable Fans

Your ideas come alive in colors, typography, photography and everything visual. We create digital assets and brands that stand out and will convert first-time users into brand advocates. We work with you to create the pixel perfect design, ready for development.

R+W uses the Agile methods for design, using 2 week sprints. Design sprints are open and flexible, with frequent design iteration based on review and feedback. R+W adheres to Google Material Design UI guidelines for Android and desktop apps, Apple HIG for iOS & OSX and we use modern UX design tools to help you visualize the user’s flow through your app, and their lifecycle with your brand.

Engage us to design for sustained growth with a beautiful user experience.



Mapping the Magic

To match the unparalleled good looks and design, a thoughtful planning of the app’s architecture takes place for optimal user experience. Each scenario and user flow of the engagement, transaction, and interaction with the app will be mapped out. The bird’s eye view of the entire app will help us infuse magic into the functionality that will help retain users.

Let’s map out the experience for your fans so they have more reasons to stay.



Innovation Revealed

Every pixel perfect design and architecture comes to life at this stage. All Developer documentation of code commits, API references, etc goes to private GitHub repos for Android, iOS, cloud and web source code. Client’s team will be added to source repos for full visibility into the development activities.

R+W uses the Agile methods for development, using 2 week sprints. The goal at the end of each development sprint is an increment of shippable software. Features are broken down and chosen so that the work during the sprint is of shippable quality, even for larger items that will require several sprints to fully implement. Bugs get fixed during sprints, not pushed out to “QA cycles” performed immediately before the product is launched/updated in the app store.

Partner with us to build for measurable growth.


Growth Hacking

Measure Everything Worth Building

If a feature is worth building, then it is worth measuring how users engage with that feature. For each button and screen in the user experience, we simultaneously design the individual analytics instruments that will be used to measure how users will engage with your apps, and the specific engagement funnels that users will flow through as they tap their way through your app to achieve their goals.

It’s less expensive to retain a user than to acquire a new user. We help set up a set of specific marketing automation tools, and we design these tools into the flow of the user’s lifecycle.

We measure so that you have data that is worth looking at.